App Development - Hybrid

App Development - Hybrid

Hybrid Development

We offer custom cross-platform development solutions that allow for significant reduction of your application development budget and faster time to market your solution. By taking advantage of the modern cross-platform technology stack including Xamarin, PhoneGap and React Native, we will build your hybrid mobile solution in a cost-effective manner and ensure your top line growth and bottom line savings.

Our cross-platform development solutions are ROI-driven and provide actionable results that can be translated into the increased profits and better customer loyalty in the mid to long term.

Short Timeframe

Building a cross-platform app is 2x faster than creating a native iOS, Android or Windows Phone app. So, if time to market (TTM) is your critical factor and you want to target several major mobile platforms at once instead of just one, we highly recommend you consider cross-platform development.

We have a robust code library, re-usables and accelerators that allow us to bring your full-fledged app to market really fast!

Lower Budget

Let’s do a reality check! For native app development you need to assemble two or more project teams (depending on your target number of platforms), 1 per platform, whereas a hybrid app needs only a single team. This significantly reduces the total cost of development of a hybrid app.

Using our cross-platform development capabilities, you can reduce your budget by 30% - 40%, or even more if you have more than 2 target platforms. That’s guaranteed!

Lower Maintenance Cost

It’s typically far less expensive to maintain a cross-platform application than a native one due to a large code overlap between mobile platforms. In some cases, code reuse in hybrid apps can be as high as 90%! Unlike native apps, you don’t need to hire a dedicated mobile developer and a QA engineer to maintain and support each platform specific application.

Slick and Polished

Since native iOS, Android or Windows Phone application development implies use of developer kits, professional guidelines and compliance with coding standards, it’s much easier to build apps with a beautiful UI / UX using all the controls and UI features readily available to developers for each and every mobile platform.

Making cross-platform apps with the same level of UI polish and UX quality as native apps is a laborious and time-consuming venture. And still it’ll be difficult to achieve the look and feel that can be achieved far more easily with native development.


Deploying complex features to hybrid apps is cumbersome and requires specific kluges. Native code ensures the best possible performance, easier integration with data analytics and visualization tools, and far more elegant and smooth UI.

We recommend you rather not skimp on app robustness if you’re really looking for feature complexity and uniqueness.