Frequently Asked Questions

Our Company

What is eForge’s client base like?

Below are some quick facts about our clients:

  • Some of eForge’s clients have been working with us for well over 2 years, on an ongoing basis.
  • We currently have 13 clients with active engagements.
  • Most of our clients return for a second engagement.

With multiple inquiries a year for new projects, including requests from our current clients, we select new clients and projects carefully. It’s important to us that the value we bring will significantly exceed the fees we charge.

What’s eForge’s culture like?
What capabilities does eForge offer?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Our People

Total project staff?
To date, we have 4 specialists dedicated to client projects. We specialise in research, graphic design, web development, software development, and the deployment thereof on multiple platforms from which to market our clients’ businesses.
Professional development activities?
Typical hours worked per week?
Where do your employees work?
How does eForge recruit and hire its developers?

Our Sales Process

What’s the purpose of the first call?
We always conduct an initial call to ensure that we’re a good fit. Things we look for are: a responsible budget, a clear vision and direction, and a full commitment to the project.
Do you have a reference that I can call?
Will you sign my Non-Disclosure Agreement?
Will you respond to my Request For Proposal?
Can eForge take over my existing custom software?
What’s your policy on copyright and intellectual property?
What if I’m not ready for development?
What steps are involved in the creation of custom software for my business?
Are you taking on new projects right now? What’s the timeline to get started?

Project Approach

What’s the typical team size?
The typical size for each project team is 2 – 3 developers. Each project team is supported by UI/UX designers, software testers, managers, and cloud engineers. With each development team sharing support resources, we’re able to reduce project costs for clients. We’re also able to make developers more efficient by ensuring they spend their time writing production-level code, not messing with other tasks.
What roles do people have on teams?
How does eForge communicate?
How does eForge manage projects?
Who will I communicate with on the team?
What are my roles and responsibilities?
How will my feedback be handled?
Can I adjust the plans or features as we go?
Can I see what you’re doing on a regular basis?
What happens when you’re done?
What Quality Assurance processes do you have in place?
Do you code everything from scratch?
How does eForge handle things like source control?

Costs & Schedule

What are typical engagements for eForge? And How long does a software project take?
How much will my project cost?
Who pays for bugs?
Can I count on the budget?

Yes. Our engagements are “fixed budget, scope controlled” meaning we’ll help you develop a responsible budget and we’ll stick to it.

Since we’ve never worked with clients who have fewer ideas than they have money or time, our job is to figure out the best possible software application we can build for the given budget. That requires thoughtful understanding of the users and the market. From there, we’ll work to control the scope of the project, both in depth (polish, refinement, complexity) and breadth (features, functionality).

Does eForge offer any guarantees?

We guarantee cost. In an industry that’s infamous for cost overruns and low-ball bids, we go to great lengths in our upfront process to de-risk projects. This effort produces spot-on solutions, accurate estimates, and successful relationships. If we underestimate the value of a task then we’ll eat 100% of the additional cost until we’re back on track. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

We also guarantee that you can cancel anytime. By putting the power of termination in our client’s hands, it ensures we’re held accountable every step of the way.

Project Experience

How successful are your projects? How do you prevent issues?
We boast a 96.5% success rate in an industry where 42% is the norm. communication, tight regular feedback loops, and staying lean have attributed to our high degree of success and reputation of quick, spot-on solutions.
Have you ever failed on a project?
What technologies and languages do you work with?
Do you write software for iPhone and Android?
Can you share projects you’ve worked on?
Do you have any experience developing APIs?
Do you have experience with HIPAA and PCI compliance?

Hosting & Monitoring

Do you have experience with cloud hosting?
Yes. We have a private cloud on both AWS and Azure that we host and manage our clients’ applications on. We host and manage products that hundreds of users rely on every day. Uptime in our production environments has never been an issue.
What’s included in the hosting package?
Does eForge have security standards and policies?
Is your infrastructure secure?
What’s eForge’s approach to disaster recovery?