Why businesses must build a strong Social Media presence

Social media presence is a must have these days. On average, your clients spend almost two hours on different social media channels, every day. If you develop a strong social media presence, Internet users will spend some amount of that time on your social media channels.

Social presence and engagement is a unique opportunity to:

  • build brand awareness
  • boost your web traffic
  • acquire new customers
  • increase conversions from social media channels
  • reach different audiences
  • establish your company as an industry leader

Why Is Social Media Presence Important?

To be honest, your brand is completely lost without a social media presence. Many customers check out brands’ social media profiles before making a purchase. Furthermore, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube are great platforms to conduct marketing and campaigns.

Social media are also a natural place to look for feedback about your products. More and more clients use different social media channels to file a complaint. Monitor those mentions, and you’ll get access to your customers wants and needs.

Without a strong social media presence, you will lose many opportunities to attract and convert new clients and delight the old ones. Building a strong social media presence is as indispensable as the sun on beach holidays or clear skies for braaiing.

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